The Venue


Unfortunately about 50% of all venues do not get it right for the following reasons:


  • The staff or management truly doesn’t understand, maybe because they’ve never been performers. Primarily, their job is to make the room look nice, as well as serve food and drink- which they do quite well of course.
  • Too much hassle. From a business perspective, what motivation do they have to accommodate entertainment unless you, the client, instruct otherwise?
  • Not cost effective


  1. The venue will want to squeeze as many people as possible into that room, and entertainment doesn’t bring any money to them. So, they position the entertainment with whatever space is left over.
  2. They don’t want to move the “moveable” dance floor after the previous event, because they have to pay staff to do it. It’s also easier to “just leave it where it is”. Typical responses are “We do it this way all the time” or “It’s never been a problem before”.


What to Do

  • Ask for a floor plan
  • If short on space, tables can always be moved off the dance floor after dinner
  • Tell the venue what you want as soon as possible. You are the customer.
  • Venues that are good to work with will accommodate you, and most of them will
  • In the end, I will make the best of my situation. You are welcome to contact me with any problems. I care about the service I provide and want your day to be Awesome!!


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