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Media Entertainment offers the following services: Disc Jockey, Entertainer, Karaoke, Sound, Lighting, Up Lighting, Audio/Visual, Destination Wedding, Video Party, Foam Party & more…


Wedding Disc Jockeys for Your Special Occasions


Weddings are a reason to celebrate, love, and enjoy the blessings that life has to offer. Make your wedding day the most festive moment of your life. Fill it up with music, fun, and the ultimate joy! This you can do with the help of your wedding disc jockeys. Disc Jockeys are your dedicated partners in giving you a wedding day fit for remembering throughout your lifetime. Remember that you only wed once in your life. So we believe that you don’t want to mess things up simply by the lack of entertainment and hiring a cheap Wedding DJ service or the cheapest DJ service. Surely, poor music means poor entertainment. And poor entertainment gives your guests no reason to celebrate, and a reason to go home early.




Media Entertainment counts with the Professional Services of: DJ 2-LITE Please follow link for more details: Ceremony Music (PDF DOWNLOAD) AND MOST REQUESTES SONGS (PDF)